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The age and body is a subject that worries and complicates the lives of people, both men and women (but these last ones are the ones who look the most in the mirror in search of some wrinkle that reveals their ages, although in recent times men have become more concerned about their physical appearance and do the same).

There are some people in the world who are only 21 years old and look like they have 28 years old, or people around 60 years who look like a 50 years old person. How can such a thing be possible? Not only is genetics involved in the whole issue of age and looking younger or older, but also people’s lifestyle and eating are one of the most important factors for a person’s health and body.

As one grows older, the body begins to lose muscle, which is what makes it possible to burn fat faster, resulting in an increase in body fat and a faster weight gaining by not having what protects the body.

Thanks to Old School New Body people will learn to eat properly to avoid aging early, not only of the skin but of their whole body.

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Now, What is Old School New Body?

It is a book in which you can find protocols and secrets regarding anti-aging, you will know a new training system that will allow people to save time that is normally wasted in gym hours, and you will find a nutrition plan according to this new life.

Who are the Creators of Old School New Body?

The creators of Old School New Body are Steve Holman and his wife Becky. For a long time both had the opportunity to observe and try various strategies and tricks that gave them the possibility of reducing and reversing the aging process.

They always give five essential tips to make this diet and exercise system effective when it comes to looking and feeling younger:

  • The first step in all this is to forget all those ridiculous low-fat diets that can be seen today on the internet and everywhere, diets that are passed from person to person as if they were something good. Do they work? No. The only thing these types of diets do is to get a person, unlike what should happen, fatten up and become addicted to carbohydrates and sugars. Contrary to the known, you should not be afraid of fats because they are important to a person’s health and help to keep them from getting fat. It takes a daily dose of fats (and we’re talking about the good ones) so that the body can produce vital hormones. Those who restrict or completely remove fats from their daily diet seem weak and tired. Also, if you want to go out to eat, you will not be able to, because everything in this world contains fats, you just have to know how to choose and give yourself a little treat every now and then to survive.
  • The second step is that people have to forget all those long exercise routines, or that long and tiring time to walk or run on the treadmill, or those tedious and boring gym classes because they do little to change the body. And many times they do not help to reverse the effect of aging, but push it forward and accelerate it.
  • The third step is to stop blaming the age you have for everything, because age is not guilty of anything. Age is just a number and nothing more. Age would not have to define who we are or what we can do and what we cannot do. You can be 60 years old and be an agile, strong and athletic person or be 26 and obese, tired all the time and not wanting to get out of bed person. The way each one of us live our life has nothing to do with age.
  • The fourth step is to consume lots of water. Water is not only useful because it is good for people, but helps to stay hydrated (no, soda and sweet drinks do not keep people hydrated, it is just a myth), it helps a person not to feel hungry (it is recommended drinking a glass of water when you start to feel appetite, if the water solved it then it was not real hunger and that person saved herself or himself from consuming empty calories by believing that she or he was “hungry” when only she or he needed water) and helps the skin to stay fresh and renewed. Consumption of water helps a person to have more energy and that his liver and kidneys do not suffer from chronic over work.
  • The fifth step is to change the many hours spent in the gym for much less time. You should never stop exercising because over the years you would lose muscle tone, but exercise does take less time. It is for these reasons that Steve and Becky created F4X (Focus 4 Exercise) Training System, which is a new system that combines four types of exercises that will allow you to say goodbye to those endless sessions of hours and hours inside a gym.

What is F4X Training System?

For years people have been lied to regarding long-term training. What many magazines or acquaintances of the fitness world say is that training for long periods of time will be more beneficial for health and muscle growth, but is that true? Because recent studies have shown that those who trained for a short time but in a special way had better results than those who trained for a long time and in the conventional way that is sold on television and the fitness world.

What Becky and Steve did with the old training routines that were used by actors who had to be in shape for their films was to condense them into a single routine that would not waste time when exercising. The essential thing is to train intensely, not for a long time.

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The F4X consists of three stages that are detailed below:

Stage 1: Lose weight and burn fat

How many pounds do you want to lose? 10, 15, 30 pounds or even more? It is not impossible if it is correctly followed the exercise guide given in the book and accompany it with the daily diet plan that is included in The F4X Lean Meal Plan.

Best of all, you should not spend four hours living in a gym doing endless routines or running a few miles as if you wanted to train for a marathon.

Simple variations of this book and people’s lives will improve.

Stage 2: Shape the muscle

If you do not want to continue after the stage to lose weight, there is no problem. But what happens when a person looks in the mirror and sees that the body is thin, but without shape? This is where this second stage enters.

Here you will change the diet plan and the way you train. No resounding change, just a few small changes.

The good thing about this stage is that it will burn fat more quickly and effectively because the muscle starts to act and burn a lot more fat than normal.

Step 3: Grow Muscle

And in this third stage is where the muscle will grow, if desired. Again small changes in diet and training plan, but nothing that you cannot get used to (never a diet to lose weight will be the same as that to grow muscle).

But do not be afraid to be like many bodybuilders, those bodies are achieved by eating like an animal, training extremely heavy and taking certain medications.

In this book people will not find dietary supplements or inefficient exercise that are sold in the market because they are simply lies and do not work.

This book is so simple to read and understand that when you finish reading it, in two or three hours you will be ready to start a new life.

Then, thanks to this book, people will learn the best and fastest way to change and shape the body (without cardio, without long workouts, none of that), people will know the mistakes that are usually made if one wants to change the body in a fast and effective way, and people will find the solutions and the good results that the methods of training of the old school provide.

But do not be fooled by the simplicity of this training. That something is simple and easy does not mean that it does not deserve all the effort one can put into doing something.

Old School New Body book can be purchased on the official website ( for an affordable price. If results are not achieved following this system, then the money back is 100% guaranteed.

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